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Elevate your Leadership, Executive Presence, Performance and Relationships at work

Are you a C-Suite Executive, Executive, Director, Leader, Manager or HR Professional who is accomplished, successful and driven? Have you worked hard to get to this stage? 

Despite your success and achievements...

  • Do you feel stuck? 

  • Do you feel stressed out? 

  • Do you feel you can accomplish more? 

  • Has your performance deteriorated? 

  • Have the relationships with your  colleagues deteriorated? 

  • Does everyone seem to frustrate you? Are you frustrating others? 


  • Being in a place where you feel appreciated and recognised. 

  • Being in flow.

  • Having meaningful relationships with your colleagues. 

  • Your performance accelerating. 

  • These wonderful sensations… for you and for others around you.

Does this resonate with you? 

I work with professionals just like you and empower them to move in the direction that is right for them. I help you get unstuck and gain clarity of their situation. I empower you to recognise and unleash your true potential. Are you this Executive, Director, Leader, Manager or HR Professional?

If you are motivated, willing and ready to make some changes, then get in touch with me. Find out more about my services. Book a 30 minute complimentary strategy call to discover if I can assist you.

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One to One Executive Coaching I Group Coaching I Training & HR Consulting

Executive Coaching

One to One Executive Coaching

Explore | Embrace | Enjoy

I work with C-Suite Executives, Directors, Leaders and Managers who are hyper-achievers but feel stuck in their organisation and career. I empower them to gain clarity of their situation, align them to their true potential, get creative and enhance their KPIs. I do this by using my 3E approach, namely, Explore, Embrace and Enjoy.

Explore: I believe that we have limitless potential within us. I believe that unconsciously, some of our potential often remains inside. Most of the time, we are not aware that there is so much power within us. I believe that the answers are already within us but sometimes we need a Professional Coach to help us explore. I will explore this with you…

Embrace: Once you have explored your potential and strengths, it is time to embrace them. I believe that we must welcome the good and the not so good in us. I believe we must embrace and accept ourselves fully. True contentment comes from accepting our strengths and values as well as our weaknesses and flaws. I will embrace this with you...

Enjoy: Once you have embraced your flaws and strengths, it is time to enjoy them! Live abundantly and be in flow. I will enjoy this with me….

Click the Executive Coaching and The Process tab to find out more. Book complimentary strategy call to see if we can work together.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

The Leadership Staircase: Step-up to Your Inner Power

The Leadership Staircase incorporates elements of the One to One Executive Coaching but with much more material.

This programme is uniquely designed for Executives and Leaders from different industries and backgrounds who enjoy learning in group settings. This programme is intended to develop leadership skills that align with each individual. Different leadership topics are covered using assessments, tools, feedback and role-plays. Leaders can avail of follow-up One to One Coaching sessions at the end of the programme if needed. 

Get in touch and to find out if this is the right programme for you.

Leadership Development

Training & HR Consulting

Training & HR Consulting

I provide Training and HR Consulting services in the following areas:

  • Coaching your Team

  • Conflict Management

  • Communication Management

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Positive Mindset

  • Resilience & Boundaries

Contact me to find out more.

Emotional intelligence

Who do I work with?

C-Suite Executives | Executives | Directors | Leaders | Managers | HR Professionals

I work with professionals who want to enhance their leadership skills or who feel stuck in their career or organisation. I work with professionals who are ready to make changes. Are you ready?

The industries I serve are logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, industrial manufacturing, higher education. I am based in Dublin, Ireland. I provide services across Ireland and some services in Canada and the USA.

If you are a Professional in the following spaces, then get in touch:

  • Operations – Manufacturing & Warehousing

  • Engineers – Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial & Design

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Quality Assurance

  • Customer Service

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Leadership Coaching & The Process

What is Leadership Coaching?

(70 : 30 ratio)

Leadership Coaching is more commonly referred to as executive coaching. Leadership Coaching is powering and developing Executives, Directors, Leaders and Managers to achieve their desired goals. It involves mutual trust and partnership between the Coach and Client in a confidential setting.

Coaching is most effective if the Client is willing to make changes, has an open mind and is ready to take action. The results are a direct reflection of the amount of work put in by both the Client and Coach, but primarily by the Client. I believe that 70% of the work is done by the Client. 30% of the work is done by the Coach which entails creating tailored coaching sessions for each individual client using professional models, tools and assessments. As the Coach, my objective is to help clients see beyond what they see, challenge the status quo and unlock their true potential.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching:

  • Develops high potential

  • Increase confidence and motivation

  • Enhances emotional intelligence

  • Addresses derailing behaviour

  • Facilitates transition

  • Acts as a sounding board

The Process

(for One to One Coaching sessions)

The process involves inviting the client to a complimentary strategy call to assess the client's current situation, needs and the desired goals. The process is outlined. 

If mutual agreement is reached to work together, the desired method of meetings (face-to-face/ video/ phone) and the anticipated number of meetings is established. Contracts are signed and payment is made in advance.

The first coaching session is to thoroughly examine the situation and set goals. The remaining sessions involve going on a journey of exploring, embracing and enjoying the learning from the sessions. It is common to use various assessments and tools during, in-between and/ or after the sessions. Values, strengths, emotional intelligence, triggers, boundaries and high-low are some of the instruments that can be used. Reflection and feedback exercises are completed after each session.

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(My clients have given permission to share their testimonials. Some of my clients like to remain anonymous or change their name)

Home: Testimonials

Being in a position of leadership often means prioritising others. The sessions with Rabia helped me focus and reflect on my own needs and goals. She helped declutter my mind and lead me through a guided exploration of lived experiences to better inform future decisions. Having never previously engaged a leadership coach, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcomes and clarity of thought and new perceptions on the professional areas we addressed. Through the five sessions I spent with Rabia, I explored and began to understand how my core values were shaping my positive career outcomes and anchoring some professional frustrations. Addressing the latter with Rabia has greatly enhanced the joy I take from my role.   

JP – International Sales Director

Leadership Coach 1_edited.jpg

My Story

My Vision is to have more authentic Leaders in workplaces.

My Mission is to help Leaders become stronger leaders by aligning them to their true potential.

My Values are honesty, freedom, acceptance and abundance. I live by my values and want my clients to live by their values. This forms part of authentic leadership.

Hi! I am Rabia Mirza. Thanks for visiting my website. I am delighted that you are here. Here is a little bit about me.

Why choose me as your Executive Coach and/ or HR Consultant? 

Here is a summary of my credentials:

  • Accredited Executive Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

  • 15 years of experience in leadership development as a Senior Leader in Human Resources and as a Coach

  • Work experience in Ireland, Canada and the USA

  • Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership & Executive Coaching (Kingstown College: Dublin, Ireland)

  • Honours Degree in Human Resources Management (TUD: Dublin, Ireland)

  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (SFU: Vancouver, Canada)

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Information Systems (TUD; Dublin, Ireland)

  • Various courses in human behaviour, emotional intelligence, psychology, positive intelligence, psychometrics and ancient philosophies

  • Approachable, honest, intuitive & friendly

I am an Accredited Executive Coach and HR Consultant. I provide high quality services to my clients tailored specifically to their needs. I take pride in adhering to the Professional and Ethical standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). Using professional coaching models, coaching tools and scientific assessments, I work with driven and ambitious executives who want to enhance their leadership skills or who feel stuck in their career or organisation. I work with executives who are ready to make changes. I truly believe that we have more potential within us than we realise. My passion is to help my clients gain clarity about their situation and empower them in the journey towards achieving their goals.

I have over 15 years of experience as a Senior Leader in Human Resources and as a Coach. I have worked with executives and leaders in industrial manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, supply chain management and third level education in Ireland, Canada and the USA. I am extremely passionate about leadership development. I believe that I was born to be a leader. Being an alchemist, I see the beauty and excellence in everyone and everything. 

Born in a small town in Pakistan, I moved to Dublin with my parents and younger sister at the age of 5. I demonstrated leadership traits from a very young age. I was and still am very protective of my younger sister. I took part in all extra-curricular activities throughout school, ranging from Irish dancing to drama classes to being captain of the netball team, a prefect and helping younger students. I won several medals in art and reading. My first public speech was at the age of 13 where I presented to President Mary Robinson at Áras an Uachtaráin. I was a stellar student throughout school. I continued to university and obtained several qualifications (listed above). I thrive as a leader. My purpose in life is to align leaders with their true potential. I believe that we need to be completely aligned with who we are in order to be at peace with ourselves.  I intentionally align myself with my true powers. I intentionally live with purpose. I am in flow and at peace. I want to help other leaders gain this beautiful wholesome experience. This is why I started my own business in Executive Coaching & HR Consulting.

I  look forward to going on your journey with you.

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Are you a Leader or a Manager?

Leadership coaching

Do you consider yourself to be a Leader or a Manager?

What is the difference between a Leader and a Manager?

According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, a manager manages work while a leader leads people. Sounds simple and straightforward right?!

Leading people requires having 'soft skills'. There is nothing soft about soft skills. These skills are often harder to learn. I believe that most managers aspire to be good leaders. I believe that leadership is about inspiring, motivating and dealing with stressful situations. Leadership requires unique management of 'soft skills' such as dealing with challenging conversations, influencing others, improving team performance, changing behaviour, inspiring others and changing organisational culture. This can be summed up as emotional intelligence (EI). EI encompasses self-awareness, self-control, awareness of others and building relationships. It is the ability to know and manage these competencies. I believe that having high EI is a key part of leadership. It is what sets the leader apart from the manager. This is not to say that a manager cannot have high emotional intelligence!

Key Differences

Members of the Forbes Coaches Council share their views on the key differences between a manager and a leader. I outline what I believe are the top 4 differences.

(1) A leader wants the teams to win: the difference between a manager and a leader lies in the mindset and perception. A manager's day and/ or week is consumed by operational day-to-day tasks. The necessary tasks get done. A leader on the other hand, looks at the bigger picture outside of the day-to-day operational task. A leader takes on challenges instead of waiting for projects to land in their lap. A leader develops the team members so that the collective effort makes a difference to the organisation.

(2) A leader is visionary, a manager is tactical: a leader focuses on strategy and moving the organisation forward in the direction that is best for the organisation. A manager runs the day-to-day operations and gets the job done.

(3) A leader asks "why" instead of "How": a leader challenges the status quo and is creative. A manager manages the day-to-day performance and execution of the business.

(4) A manager micromanages while a leader inspires: a manager instructs people what to do and how to do it. A manager typically needs to micromanage the small details. A leader inspires others while being curious. Coaching teams form part of the inspiration for a leader.

Overall, I believe that the key difference is in the mindset. There has to be a change in mindset from doing to imagining what could be done. A greater use of the not-so-soft soft skills is paramount to being a successful leader.

Despite the difference, all organisations need both managers and leaders. The title manager or leader does not necessarily equate to the characteristics discussed here. Many professionals with the job title of manager can in fact be leaders. Many professionals with the job title of a leader/ director/ head / executives can in fact be managers.

Article by Rabia Mirza

August 2021


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